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Testimonials and Case Studies

Other Disorders

Please note: The results described herein are particular to the individuals who experienced them. There can be no assurance that other participants in the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology programme will obtain the same results.

Comfort Replaces Shyness

"All my life I have been very shy. I felt uncomfortable around most people, especially men. After the first session, I walked outside and my heart felt completely open. Everything looked so beautiful to me, and I felt deeply settled.

"A man who works in my department told me he always used to feel uncomfortable around me, that I wouldn't look him in the eye when I talked to him. He says that feeling is completely gone now. More than two months have gone by, and I am continuing to experience ever-increasing fullness of heart around everyone. It amazes me that such a gentle procedure can have such a powerful, transforming effect." — Margi Wilson

Three-Year-Old Gains New Strength for Walking and Talking

"Our son went straight to the Intensive Care Unit after birth. We learned that he had a lung disorder, one that very few babies survive. After three days, the doctors told us he probably wouldn't make it, but they were willing to try a new procedure to save his life.

"Fortunately, the treatment was successful, and after a few months our son came home. There was some mild neurological damage from the life-saving procedures, and due to this, he has had low muscle tone.

"It was extremely hard for him to learn how to sit up, how to crawl. He couldn't even walk until we got braces for him. Once he had the braces, he was up and walking within a week. You never saw a happier kid. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"The low muscle tone also made speech very difficult for him. He found it hard to get his mouth and tongue to move, and to keep the breath going. He got to the point where he could speak two or three words at a time, and then his voice would fade out.

"His receptive understanding was wonderful. He understood everything we asked him to do, and could solve problems just fine. Mentally, he was even a little advanced for his age. But because he couldn't express himself, it was very frustrating for him.

"We took him through the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program, and now he's talking in full sentences. He is so happy. He's not losing his voice. He's thrilled to be able to communicate. When he talks, he sometimes yells, he's just so excited. He's talking in complete sentences. He can speak two sentences at a time. He's coming out with these big, long, complicated words-four or five syllable words-in the middle of a sentence. It's really a dramatic difference.

"His walking has also improved. The other day he came to some stairs and I was behind him. He used to wait for me to come. I would take his hand and we'd go up together, one step at a time. This time he saw the stairs and went up four or five steps all by himself, not holding on, one right after the other.

"He's made a giant leap forward. His coordination and balance are so much better. He's running around the yard more quickly. He doesn't wear braces now. For him, the difference is very dramatic, and he's much happier that he can do so many new things.

"He always made very steady progress, but the rate of development has sped up so much. It's just a wonderful thing to see." — Marlene Stanley

Clarity and Inner Happiness Grow

"Since my consultation I feel more clarity, more inner happiness, and more loving toward everyone. From the first session, I felt like my mind and body had received a mental and physical bath." — Janet Attwood