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Testimonials and Case Studies

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Please note: The results described herein are particular to the individuals who experienced them. There can be no assurance that other participants in the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology programme will obtain the same results.

Colitis Symptoms Disappear

"Earlier this year I was diagnosed with colitis and received traditional medical treatment to remove the inflammation. After a few months the symptoms began to return. During the first session I knew immediately that something really profound had happened to my physiology. I experienced an overall feeling of well being and bliss throughout my entire body. By the time my sessions were over, I no longer had any symptoms. Four months later, not only have I had no symptoms, but my digestion and elimination are also better than they have ever been in my entire lifetime." — Terry Nevas


"I have suffered from constipation on and off for six years. Since my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, I have 90percent relief from my symptoms. My abdomen feels lighter and more comfortable and my elimination is more regular."

Stomach Pain

"I have been suffering from ulcer-like stomach pain and digestive problems for about seven or eight years. I took medications for the stomach pain for a few years, even though they didn't give any significant relief. I began to be concerned about the side effects I was having from the medications, and the fact that they were not addressing the problem itself. I decided to look for a way to address the cause of the symptoms, and began consulting with a Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health physician.

"For the last few years I have been increasingly able to manage the situation without medications, using dietary changes and the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health guidelines for good digestion and daily routine. With these recommendations, the situation has gradually been improving.

"When I met with the Vedic Vibration program expert, I was very struck with what a sweet, refined, and devoted person he was. The sessions themselves were pretty much heavenly. The expert did all the work. It was very relaxing. There was no discomfort that one would usually associate with medical diagnostics or treatment.

"The pain and discomfort in my stomach is between 80 to 90 percent gone. My digestion, which has always been very slow, is now 70 to 80 percent improved. My digestion did not improve as quickly as the stomach pain, but seems to be improving more now with time. Something very fundamental seems to have changed or normalized, and now I think my physical functioning is responding.

"This is definitely the wave of the future in medicine. It was so easy and uplifting." — Male, mid 40s

Chronic Digestive Problems

"I had suffered from chronic digestive problems for over 15 years. I could digest only the simplest, blandest of foods, and eating had become a very stressful experience for me. I lost 1/4 of my body weight and could not regain it. Western medicine and natural treatments were of minimal help.

"During the first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session I felt a deep release and freeing in my stomach area. It felt wonderful and soothing. During each of the sessions my whole body felt like open space, unbounded and free, very soft and fluid. My stomach felt like it was loosening and opening up.

"As a result of the sessions my mind is feeling soft and settled, much less worried and anxious. My appetite has become more balanced and I am enjoying the taste of the food and the process of eating. Also, I can digest many foods I couldn't eat before. My body is really filling out-I have gained at least 10 pounds in the last month. My strength, stamina and energy have also increased greatly.

"After so many years of suffering, these results are incredible. My life has been transformed. I am deeply appreciative of this new technology."

Poor Assimilation

"My doctor told me my diet was great, but I was not assimilating well. When I began the session for digestion, immediately I became aware of some fatigue in the digestive tract, from my throat to the base of my stomach. Then I got really hungry! Now I am so much more contented during and after eating, not feeling the craving for a big dessert to be satisfied. It's a subtle thing, but my digestion is greatly improved." — Jan Shaw

Improved Digestion Normalizes Weight

"I've been thin all my life. In school, other kids called me "Skinny". Due to my poor digestion, if I ate large meals I felt dull and heavy, but didn't gain weight. Oils, fatty foods and milk in particular gave me problems. Almost immediately after the consultation I noticed my digestion was stronger. I started to eat slightly heavier foods and drink milk, and began gaining weight steadily. It's now been five months since the consultation, and my weight has completely normalized. My digestion and assimilation are great. For the first time in my life I can eat anything I want and digest it easily."