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Sciatica is pain along one or both sciatic nerves, which range from the lower back to the feet. Additional symptoms in the legs include tingling sensations, numbness or weakness. Sciatica symptoms are often combined with pain in the lower back area.

Each sciatic nerve branches off from the lower spinal column, traverses the buttock and down the back of the thigh and calf to the foot. The sciatic nerves are the largest nerves of the body, approximately the thickness of a finger.

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology: Instant Relief in a Natural Way

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought the Transcendental Meditation technique to the world more than 50 years ago, has revived and systematized Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology. The word "Vedic" means pertaining to Veda, the field of Pure Knowledge or Total Knowledge of Natural Law.

For thousands of years, Veda and the Vedic Literature have been held to be the expression of the Total Knowledge of Natural Law. According to tradition, the Vedic sounds contained in Veda are the fundamental vibrations which structure the material universe, including the human body. Through a tender impulse of Vedic vibration, pain can be transformed into a feeling of pleasantness and abnormality can be transformed into normal physiological functioning.