Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Regaining the Memory of Normal Functioning

by Theresa Olson, Ph.D.

Theresa Olson

I went into the consultation of Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology as a last resort, resigned to live with pain and numbness in the hips and thigh caused by a back injury. I had resigned myself to a life of rest and sitting with little possibility for dynamic activity. I had resigned from living life fully.

My first session was a wonderfully nourishing and blissful experience that produced immediate results. I realize that not everyone will have the same inner experience during their consultation, but many are enjoying similar results in activity.

During the consultation, I first noticed a soft, pulsating, warm milky light, somewhat like the feel of a cashmere blanket on a cold drafty night, covering my lower legs. It began in the ankles and then moved up to encompass the whole lower body and torso.

I became aware of my pulse pulsating, not just in the heart or at the wrists, but throughout my body's entire circulatory system. As I felt the pulse moving comfortably through the arteries and veins, I occasionally felt some twinges or discomfort as it pulsed in areas that were not functioning properly, but that cleared up quickly. A milky-golden light flowed through the pulse as the pulse moved through the body.

I experienced that milky-golden light pervading my bone structure. I saw into and through the porous structure of my bones. The light was like a salve soothing and healing the inner bone structure.

Then I saw the nerves in my lower spine — some bent in a funny way, others looking a bit withered compared to others close by. As that warm golden light gently pervaded the nerves, the structure of the damaged nerves was filled with nourishing, life-giving energy.

As my body filled with this life-giving energy, I found wholeness pervading the physiological structure. Wherever my attention fell, boundaries literally dropped away and I became a point value in the midst of infinity. Samadhi in its purity was mine — no awareness of body — simply a blanket of Atma, so soothing.

And then, I "remembered" normal functioning physiology — how my body worked prior to the back injury. The milky-golden light then gently enfolded my whole physiology and I felt a blanket of bliss, ananda — just pure bliss. During the past year especially, the experience of bliss had receded with the overshadowing physical discomfort. Now bliss was back, everywhere. And with the bliss came a life-giving energy, a dynamism that also had receded. I felt as if my body had remembered "life."

At the end of the session, as I stretched, I found I was more flexible and had less attention to protecting the body, as the body was more normal in its functioning.

During the rest of the day, I had more energy, more enthusiasm for activity, more joy in being active. Whereas before it took energy just to sit, and the thought of physical activity was exhausting, now the thought of sitting was boring and I wanted to move and be active and accomplish. I was happy in activity and it posed no problem for my physiology.

Since then, I occasionally have twinges of pain in the thigh, but the amazing thing is that I apply the oil I was given and the pain really does go away, all on its own. It's as if the body continues to remember normal functioning.

With the consultation, and the resulting enthusiasm and ability to be dynamic once again, I feel happier and more a part of the pace of normal life. Deep within, I know that I can remember normal functioning. I definitely recommend this for anyone who may be in a similar situation.