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Organizers Also Reap Rewards

by Clover Calvet

Clover Calvet
Clover Calvet

The first time I coordinated a tour for Maharishi Vedic Vibration Techno- logy I had a little apprehension, because there seemed to be so many details. But it turned out that the rewards were far greater than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

We began seeing the results immediately. To see people come — some of whom had problems all of their lives — to have them walk in with a health concern and then walk out without it, was just amazing.

As coordinators, we're working closely with the experts. And we have it organized so that the people come and go comfortably. It's a very easy flow, like the ocean tides. The tides come in, the tides go out. That's pretty much what the tour feels like. You're not running around. It has a very settling effect, whether you're coordinating or going through the programme.

Two people that came really stand out in my mind. One wanted relief from her migraine headaches. I could relate very closely to her, because the whole reason I started the Transcendental Meditation technique was for relief from migraines. Fortunately, I've never had one since the day I learned.

The second day she came, she had a severe migraine. She was so intensely uncomfortable, and she had that look people have when they're experiencing migraine pain. She went in to see the expert to have her problem addressed.

After she came out and had rested a very short time, she wanted to go home because the pain was still bothering her considerably. The expert recommended she rest a little longer before going home, which she did. Then she went back into the room with the expert. She was in there about fifteen minutes, and then came out with no migraine. I know from my own experience, you just don't get rid of a migraine like that. It was remarkable.

A second woman came in a wheelchair. She had physical therapy every day just to keep her muscle tone. Other people had to exercise her muscles because she wasn't able to move her leg up and down herself. After the second session the women was moving her leg up and down. She hadn't been able to lift her leg for five years, and she was now moving it.

There was something more I noticed. When this woman first came there was a dullness in her face. Now her face looks very bright. Her mind became very clear as her body became stronger. This is an example of the "side-benefits" that people kept reporting.

These side-benefits are often in the area of consciousness. People are going in for physiological reasons, but a lot of them are coming out experiencing great joy and great bliss. And some of these people are quite ill. Those who have had even partial relief are coming back again for a second consultation to continue the progress they have made.

I feel that with Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology, the local coordinator is also reaping the same rewards of what the participants. I had some small health concerns, so minor it wasn't really necessary to go through the programme. But what I'm finding is that the concerns are gone. I didn't even have to go through the programme. My physiology is coming more in balance.

I would encourage anyone to be a local coordinator for Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology tour. After I've worked all day with this programme I feel very settled, very inward. It's a beautiful experience, and we're all very appreciative to Maharishi for bringing out this knowledge.

Clover Calvet serves as Regional Secretary for the Western United States, helping local coordinators organize all Maharishi Vedic Science programme tours.